Building a Prototype, Need Your Input!

As expected, all kinds of folks out there, especially those with serious interest, are asking us for a real-life example of what Bazargan will look and feel like. To satisfy their curiosity, as well as what’s customary in the publishing industry at this stage, we’ve decided to create a proof-of-concept model to give everyone a more solid sense of what it is we’re offering.

The process of building the ‘alpha’ has begun, but we would also like to solicit your thoughts and concerns to round out this fun, democratic undertaking.

So please put on your thinking caps and let us know what sort of material you would like to see covered by this new business journal. Other than actionable business news, company profiles, in-depth interviews with notable personalities and interesting feature stories, what departments and sections should we regularly include in Bazargan?

How much should we emphasize happenings in the US versus other parts of the world? Perhaps you’d like to counsel us on what topics to stay away from or treat gingerly. How should we navigate those editorial minefields that have wrecked so many media outlets in the community, and so forth?

Here it is then, an opportunity to help shape Bazargan‘s editorial structure and strategy before, as they say, we ‘pour the cement.’ But please don’t rush to respond, as this is a crucial matter that deserves some careful thought. Just be sure to submit your comments by January 15 directly to me at:

As always, I look forward to reading you … and Happy Holidays!