Target Audience

There are now close to seven million Iranians and people of Iranian descent with fairly recent migration activity living outside their country of origin . This highly diverse population, which is growing by about 1 million souls every four to five years, holds personal and business assets valued at well over $1 trillion.

From the total expat population base, Bazargan has initially targeted, as its core audience, 100,000 reachable persons who are considered top business leaders, corporate executives and high net-worth individuals. Members of this group reside mainly in North America, Western Europe and Southwest Asia. They are the owners and operators of some 20,000 commercial enterprises or function as high-ranking officers at mainstream companies. Many of our target readers are often profiled in business media among the world’s wealthiest individuals.

Executive leadership and marketing officers of upscale “mainstream” brands that currently sell to members of our community, and the PR and advertising agencies that serve those brands, form the first-tier advertiser segment of our audience. At this time, these amount to over 10,000 contacts at approximately 3,000 companies worldwide. Expat-owned or “community” brands, numbering in the thousands and steadily growing, constitute Bazargan‘s next-tier advertising audience.

Top business schools and their senior-year students, as well as government organizations interacting directly with Iranian communities, comprise the third major component of the Bazargan readership. These contacts amount to about 1,500 readers at present. Another 2,500 readers are found among world media outlets, various research organizations and other interested entities.

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