Rebranding Exercise Yields New Look, Global Coverage

When the Bazargan project was initiated in 2010, it was conceived as a forum dedicated to the massive and growing Iranian-American business community. A sinuous logo sitting against a backdrop of earth-toned colors was accompanied by the tagline The Face of Iranian-American Business.

The word about the coming of the journal soon reached friends and associates living beyond the U.S. borders, sparking a barrage of objections. These expressions of displeasure with our designs had mainly to do with the unwitting exclusion of large Iranian communities residing in Canada, Europe and Southwest Asia.

Taking us global Given the evolutionary nature of our business plan, we embraced these calls for reconsideration as a perfect opportunity to show our flexibility and willingness to quickly expand our horizons when the right circumstances are present.

However, the decision to cover the whole Iranian emigre universe would essentially enlarge the size of Bazargan‘s audience by more than 30 percent. And it required new thinking on multiple fronts to properly accommodate a much more disparate reader base with a range of different needs and tastes compared to a purely ‘American’ public.

The rebranding effort that ensued resulted in not just more serious, business-like aesthetics (i.e., our new logo, theme colors, etc.), but more importantly, a worldly treatment of the subject matter. The key to properly addressing this wider, international coverage was the adoption of one essential term that now defines and distinguishes Bazargan among Iranian and multicultural media. This pivotal term is ‘expatriate’ vs. ‘Iranian-American’ or other often used (even over-used) hyphenated identities.

With a view to covering expats, meaning all Iranian business-people living and working abroad, we’ve entered an entirely new ball game, a truly global environ, which I hope you will enjoy and benefit from in expanding your own horizons.