Project Timeline

The purpose of this page is to show what foundational tasks have been completed since the inception of Bazargan in fall 2010. Also, to provide an outline of what is yet to come, and when.

Milestones Fully or Partially Achieved to Date:

  • Conceptualization and Validation
  • Business Strategy and Planning
  • Team Building and Training
  • Vendor Evaluation and Selection
  • Equipment and Systems Acquisitions
  • Media, Community Networking
  • Establishing Content Pipelines
  • Creating Contact Databases
  • Targeting Prospective Sponsors, Advertisers
  • Brand and Product Design
  • Website Foundation

What’s Happening Now:

  • Engaging More Contributors and Sales Representatives [Summer 2012]
  • Soliciting Feedback, Applying Modifications [Summer 2012]
  • Start of ‘Conversation’ with Media Buyers [Summer and Fall 2012]
  • Draft Preliminary Media Plan, Launch Offers [Fall 2012]
  • Start Building a Prototype Edition [Fall 2012/Winter 2013]
  • Engage Launch Partners  [Winter 2013]
  • Start work on Launch Media Plan [Spring 2013]
  • Finish Media Plan for Launch Advertisers [Fall 2013/Winter 2014]
  • Complete Business Plan for Strategic Partners [Fall 2013/Winter 2014]
  • Begin constructing full-blown news website [Winter 2014] 
  • Start work on Prototype Edition [Spring 2014]

… More to come