Our Mission

Bazargan is the centerpiece of a cause-driven business media organization dedicated to bringing about positive recognition of Iranian emigres and greater collaboration within their communities and host economies.


Our mission embodies these short-term objectives:

  • Identify entities created, owned and/or operated by Iranian expats
  • Promote these enterprises using dedicated, high-visibility forums
  • Connect the companies so they can grow further by tapping into their natural markets nationally and around the globe
  • Provide an exclusive, quality channel for mainstream brands to tap into the affluent Iranian-expat market
  • Encourage more Iranian emigres to pursue education in business and related fields

In the longer run, we plan to leverage our reach and stature to …

  • Encourage and support the formation of a professional business association to look after Iranian expat interests
  • Support practical projects such as networked community centers in major population hubs.  The centers would incorporate schools and meeting halls, banks and credit unions, libraries and other essential services
  • Establish an international leadership academy to train youths and adults for success in the business world
  • Act as a natural interface for commercial ties with Iran once the country begins to transform into a stable, pro-business democracy