Major Goals Met: A Year-End Update

It’s amazing how fast time can go by, especially when you’re moving rapidly yourself. We bring 2013 to a successful close with a flurry of productive activities since my last blog post.

First off, in order to deepen our connections to the Iranian expat community, we took advantage of a nearly year-long Cyrus Cylinder tour of major U.S. museums to reinvigorate our sister company, Pars Art Galleries (PAG). Following a brisk marketing campaign aimed at high-traffic museum shops, PAG cultural jewelry and executive gifts were acquired by five major world institutions, starting with the British Museum, which is home to the original Cylinder. The one-of-a-kind gift items supplied by PAG are accompanied by customized information cards and branded presentation boxes that make them even more appealing. It’s worth mentioning that beyond the museums, most PAG customers happen to be established expat business owners and top-ranking professionals, a synergistic aspect of the company’s alignment with Bazargan.

The next important development came in the form of our move into a commercial office space in late August. This well-appointed facility in the Carlsbad Research Center allowed our core team members to collaborate more productively toward the completion of some critical projects. The Bazargan Launch Media Plan, which was published right before Thanksgiving, and then, as of last week, the entire project’s formal Business Plan. These landmark documents are now being forwarded to targeted advertising and partnership prospects.

We also introduced a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software in the fall to modernize our database infrastructure. Basic training has been completed on the system and a new in-house support staffer, backed by a contract data-entry service, is now populating the CRM with our massive contact records.

The next big items on our to-do list are the development of a full-blown Bazargan news website and the start of an expansive e-marketing campaign prior to a Norouz (mid-March) launch.

Until our next update, let us take this opportunity to thank you for your continued interest and to wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2014.