Goodbye, Winter: A Progress Report

The past three months saw a flurry of activities on multiple fronts, keeping the Bazargan project reasonably in sync with our business plan and timeline. The biggest gains were made from more human resources and supporters joining our budding organization. In addition to new in-house staffers and several outside contractors helping with IT, database management, marketing, graphics and other tasks, we now have the visible backing of four Launch Partners from distinctly different industries, cities and cultures around the world. These expat-owned companies are BTG Global (Los Angeles, Civil Aviation); Visionlane (London, Financial Compliance & Recruiting); Newr Energy (Washington DC, Energy Consulting) and producerNY (New York, Video & Music Production). Please welcome them by visiting their websites linked through their logos appearing prominently on our home page. We’re also looking to engage partners from the ‘mainstream’ segment of the market to help propel our launch objectives.

To achieve greater traction with would-be partners and sponsors, we have made steady progress on the production of a Prototype Edition discussed in my last post. The image accompanying this writing shows Bazargan‘s physical appearance and that of its variants, which should also answer a very common question about our presentation format. Yes, folks, we’ll be available in both print and digital/online formats. These days, you just have to be present in all of these spheres or you will simply not be taken seriously.

Another area that received some attention over the winter was the creation of a dedicated website for our parent company, Phoenix Publishing, Inc. Historically, PPI’s branding and marketing efforts emphasized the individual publications or show titles that we were intimately involved with at the time. But curiosities about our lineage and background made it evident that we had to produce a ‘report card’ for the inquiring minds to reference. More content and an e-Commerce feature is being added to this site to help visitors even make purchases of our past creations.

We also managed to relaunch Bazargan‘s sister companyPars Art Galleries, and its website. Unique executive gifts and collectibles inspired by Persian civilization will soon be available through this e-Commerce site.

By the way, we now have a Twitter page and a small number of people have started to track us that way. Please sign up and “follow” us for more timely and regular updates on our activities. Mounting workloads are starting to affect my ability to blog as often as I should, but the tweets will hopefully reassure our good followers that we’re still very much at it.

Happy new year to all Iranians, our friends and lovers of spring!