Bazargan is an outward sign of a rapidly growing immigrant population getting organized through its strategic connections in the business world. The journal aims to chronicle the accomplishments, as well as shortcomings, of an expatriate community that through hard work and sheer determination has resurrected itself from the ashes of Iran’s Islamic Revolution. The Second Exodus of Iranians has brought with it significant  human and monetary resources and established a diverse and dynamic expat community around the world.  That capital flight and brain drain, though smaller in scale, continues till this day.

All those who envision a strong and purposeful Iranian diaspora and the decisive role it can play on both the domestic and international stage are invited to support Bazargan.

How can you participate?

  • Read the material on this blog and share your thoughts on the general concept of the project, the audiences we aim to reach, the content we plan to deliver and other details. Have we missed anything? Please guide us.
  • Subscribe to this site and tell your associates and friends about us.
  • Send us your inquiries to be added to our Frequently Asked Questions (Questions?) page.
  • Call us if you would like to join our organization as an editorial and research team member (i.e., reporter, contributor, designer, analyst, etc.), or on the commercial side, as a business development and sales representative. Be sure to provide a resume (CV) and recent samples of your work.
  • Are there specific issues and topics that are of importance to you and your partners? Let us know what these may be so we can include them in our editorial content.
  • Crucial to our success, we encourage you to send us local business news and leads from your own company and/or community. Also, we are always searching for important people to include in our mailing list.
  • Remember, Bazargan aims to reach ALL Iranian expats who are in business for themselves or work as key executives of other companies. So no matter how remotely these individuals may be located (Tajikistan, Alaska, S. Africa), please provide their contact information.
  • Suggest any advertisers that may be interested in reaching Iranian business elites and top professionals locally and internationally. Being the sole publication of its kind, marketers can rest assured that over 100,000 business leaders will read Bazargan–most of them from cover to cover.
  • To ensure Bazargan grows and maintains its high quality standards over time, we will invest further in its staff, office facilities and equipment. If you’re interested in partnering with us, or know others who may be inclined to invest in this one-of-a-kind media organization, please communicate with us.

Thank you for your interest and participation.