Connecting with Iranian Jewish Groups

Billed as one of the most, if not the most, successful migrant groups in US history, Iranian-American Jews and their extended families around the world should not be overlooked by any serious business. The community has achieved substantial economic gains over the past 33 years and is now transforming itself into a less insular body with much more involvement in civic and international affairs, thanks chiefly to its new generation of Western educated offspring.

The Iranian Jewish expat population now stands at an estimated 150,000 souls and is growing steadily. It is concentrated in four key world regions: Southern California, Greater New York, London and Israel. And according to our research, a whopping 30% of the most successful Iranian expat businesses and professions are linked directly to this group.

I’m happy to report that increasingly individuals from this highly entrepreneurial population, as well as the the larger American Jewish community, are showing sincere interest in Bazargan and its potential to bring together various Iranian business concerns. We hope to bring you news of collaborative efforts with our friends in the Jewish community soon.