Bazargan Connects with Parsis of India

Over 1,000 years ago, fleeing from religious and political persecution, Iranians embarked on their first mass exodus to new lands. The greatest beneficiary of this historic flight was a reluctant India where Persian Zoroastrians were allowed to settle. Over time, these newcomers, who became known as the Parsis, proved to be the main engine of economic growth in South Asia. Today, a small and worryingly shrinking Parsi community effectively runs ‘India, Inc.,’ carrying huge payrolls in key segments of that bustling economy. Brands such as Tata, Godrej, Pallonji and Mistry are among the top corporate and philanthropic entities there.

Given the Parsis’ strong attachment to their past and kinship toward other Iranian expatriates, Bazargan recently started a campaign to find links in the Zoroastrian business community in India and elsewhere in Asia. This effort is intended to add to enduring ties already forged with Zoroastrians in North America.

One Parsi personality that has actively connected with us so far is Mr. Yazdi Tantra, a veteran journalist who also publishes informational resources. With Tantra’s guidance, Bazargan will monitor and report on relevant Indian markets. We have also begun to assemble the first comprehensive database of Parsi-owned or operated businesses in that country. No doubt, as members of the ‘Second Iranian Exodus,’ we can learn a great deal from our original emigres.

The same all-inclusive approach to alliance building will be used to find and appoint special liaisons to the Jewish, Armenian, Assyrian and other Iranian communities worldwide. My previous post introduced Celia Taghdiri as Bazargan‘s link with Baha’i groups. This strategy is rooted in the fact that over half of the most successful businesspeople of Iranian descent belong to these faiths.